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Ten Servings Co. is an organization started by a local potato farmer who witnessed too many in his community experiencing food insecurity. Through innovative initiatives like "Ugly Potato Day," he has motivated many to take action and help tackle this issue. With this in mind, I wanted to create a brand that was equally as gritty, vibrant and grassroots as the man himself. 

Fitness World

Launched a full rebrand, developing Fitness World’s personality through branding colours, imagery, fonts and language. My goal was to create a fresh, inclusive, energetic and motivating brand. I worked on all brand assets, from member merchandise, photoshoots, ad work to interior graphics.

Banner Year

Created artwork for the band Hey Monea’s latest single, album cover and concert merchandise. Clients wanted the artwork to focus on the song’s visual elements (flowers, shoes and denim) and communicate themes of growth, vitality and positive momentum.

Wine Time

Wine Time is a wine-making class based in Kelowna, BC. The owner wanted a logo that conceptualized the name through illustration work. I created a cutout-style wine bottle and hourglass with a Matisse flare to replace the I's in "Wine Time." I also manipulated the typeface to further instill the handcrafted feel. The typeface and illustrations should feel fresh while paying homage to a traditional pastime.

New Year
Next Level

In order to grab market attention during the Fitness industry’s most chaotic month, we created a giveaway campaign called “New Year, Next Level.” This campaign focused on promoting recovery and taking your fitness to the next level. In order to draw eyes and generate excitement, I chose to use electric colours, bold text and energetic imagery.