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My name is Madison Higginbotham, but you can call me Mads. I’m a self-taught painter based out of Vancouver, Canada. I was born into a family that cherishes the arts. For good or bad, money wasn’t a driving motivator, but art was. I was encouraged to scribble, draw, and paint from an early age. Although this became a self-soothing habit, it hadn’t crossed my mind to make it a career. I busied myself by completing my BA in Corporate Communications with a Graphic Design Certificate and joined the corporate workforce. It wasn’t until a few years later that I picked up a paintbrush again and quickly realized this was the direction I needed to go.


I naturally gravitate towards portraiture and figurativism. It is the most captivating subject to paint. With its inherent mutuality, even the most mundane moments can be portrayed as powerful and beautiful. I look at these moments as if time has slowed and the perfect soundtrack has been applied. I want to highlight the seemingly monotonous and communicate what I see, hear and feel. Each piece is intentionally consumed by colour, chaos and scribbling. I look to capture the viewer’s eye and leave them with a tensional curiosity and appreciation for this mysterious ride we call the human experience.


The Gallery George,
October 2023

The Best of the Cultural Crawl
The Gallery at Queens Park
October 2023

New West Cultural Crawl
October 2023

Bentall Gallery, September 2023

TAS Vancouver,
June 2023

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